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2016A practical method for the minimum genus of a graph: Models and experimentsBeyer, S.; Chimani, M. ; Hedtke, I.; Kotrbčík, M.
2020A Simple Primal-Dual Approximation Algorithm for 2-Edge-Connected Spanning SubgraphsBeyer, S.; Chimani, M. ; Spoerhase, J.
2015Speedy colorful subtreesWhite, W.T.J.; Beyer, S.; Dührkop, K.; Chimani, M. ; Böcker, S.
2014Steiner tree 1.39-approximation in practiceBeyer, S.; Chimani, M. 
2019Strong steiner tree approximations in practiceBeyer, S.; Chimani, M. 
2015The influence of preprocessing on steiner tree approximationsBeyer, S.; Chimani, M.