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2017ER residency of the ceramide phosphoethanolamine synthase SMSr relies on homotypic oligomerization mediated by its SAM domainCabukusta, Birol; Kol, Matthijs; Kneller, Laura; Hilderink, Angelika; Bickert, Andreas; Mina, John G. M.; Korneev, Sergei ; Holthuis, Joost C. M.
2015Functional characterization of enzymes catalyzing ceramide phosphoethanolamine biosynthesis in miceBickert, Andreas; Ginkel, Christina; Kol, Matthijs; vom Dorp, Katharina; Jastrow, Holger; Degen, Joachim; Jacobs, Rene L.; Vance, Dennis E.; Winterhager, Elke; Jiang, Xian-Cheng; Doermann, Peter; Somerharju, Pentti; Holthuis, Joost C. M.; Willecke, Klaus