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2014An Alternative to Self-Reports of Trait and State Affect The Implicit Positive and Negative Affect Test (IPANAT)Quirin, Markus; Bode, Regina C.
2014Profound Versus Superficial Coping With Mortality Threats: Action Orientation Moderates Implicit but Not Explicit Outgroup PrejudiceQuirin, Markus; Bode, Regina C.; Luckey, Udo; Pyszczynski, Tom; Kuhl, Julius 
2011Recovering from negative events by boosting implicit positive affectQuirin, Markus; Bode, Regina C.; Kuhl, Julius 
2014The role of oxytocin and alexithymia in the therapeutic processQuirin, Markus; Carter, C. Sue; Bode, Regina C.; Duesing, Rainer; Radtke, Elise L.; Tops, Mattie