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2011An Integrated Approach for Teaching Professionals IT Management and IT ConsultingBoehm, Matthias; Stolze, Carl; Breitschwerdt, Rüdiger; Zarvic, Novica; Thomas, Oliver 
2014Corporate education engineering : Entwicklung und Anwendung eines Service-Systems zur berufsbegleitenden Weiterbildung im IT-Management und -ConsultingBoehm, Matthias
2012Dependency-based IT Governance practices in inter-organisational collaborations: A graph-driven elaborationZarvic, Novica; Stolze, Carl; Boehm, Matthias; Thomas, Oliver 
2013Internationaler Vergleich berufsbegleitender Weiterbildung im IT-Management und -ConsultingBoehm, Matthias; Stolze, Carl; Ewald, Sven; Thomas, Oliver 
2013Looking beyond the rim of one's teacup: a multidisciplinary literature review of Product-Service Systems in Information Systems, Business Management, and Engineering & DesignBoehm, Matthias; Thomas, Oliver 
2013The Further Education Maturity Model: Development and Implementation of a Maturity Model for the Selection of Further Education Offerings in the Field of IT Management and IT ConsultingBoehm, Matthias; Jasper, Michael; Thomas, Oliver 
2011TOWARDS AN INTEGRATED APPROACH FOR RESOURCE-EFFICIENCY IN SERVER ROOMS AND DATA CENTERSBoehm, Matthias; Freundlieb, Michael; Stolze, Carl; Thomas, Oliver ; Teuteberg, Frank 
2011Towards Sustainable IT by Teaching Governance Practices for Inter-Organizational DependenciesStolze, Carl; Boehm, Matthias; Zarvic, Novica; Thomas, Oliver