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2005Dichroic O 1s photoabsorption and resonant X-ray scattering in haematite (Fe2O3)Prince, KC; Bondino, F; Zangrando, M; Zacchigna, M; Kuepper, K ; Neumann, M; Parmigiani, F
2005Direct investigation of orbital ordering in a colossal magnetoresistance manganite by means of X-ray linear dichroism at the Mn L edgeKuepper, K ; Bondino, F; Prince, KC; Zangrando, M; Zacchigna, M; Takacs, AF; Crainic, T; Matteucei, M; Parmigiani, F; Winiarski, A; Galakhov, VR; Mukovskii, YM; Neumann, M
2004Resonant Raman x-ray scattering at the S 2p edge of iron pyritePrince, KC; Kuepper, K ; Neumann, M; Cocco, L; Bondino, F; Zangrando, M; Zacchigna, M; Matteucci, M; Parmigiani, F