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2010Heterogeneity in the Nitroxide Micro-Environment: Polarity and Proticity Effects in Spin-Labeled Proteins Studied by Multi-Frequency EPRBordignon, E.; Brutlach, H.; Urban, L.; Hideg, K.; Savitsky, A.; Schnegg, A.; Gast, P.; Engelhard, M.; Groenen, E. J. J.; Moebius, K.; Steinhoff, Heinz-Juergen 
2006High-field EPR and site-directed spin labeling reveal a periodical polarity profile: The sequence 88 to 94 of the phototransducer NpHtrII in complex with sensory rhodopsin, NpSRIIBrutlach, H.; Bordignon, E.; Urban, L.; Klare, J. P.; Reyher, H. -J.; Engelhard, M.; Steinhoff, H. -J.
2013Tracing the transient conformational signal in bacterial phototaxis using SDSL-EPR spectroscopyKlose, D. ; Holterhues, J.; Bordignon, E.; Heinrich, I.; Engelhard, M.; Klare, J. P.; Steinhoff, H-J