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2010Continuity in Parenting Strategies: A Cross-Cultural ComparisonKeller, Heidi; Borke, Joern; Chaudhary, Nandita; Lamm, Bettina; Kleis, Astrid
2011Developing patterns of parenting in two cultural communitiesKeller, Heidi; Borke, Joern; Lamm, Bettina; Lohaus, Arnold; Yovsi, Relindis Dzeaye
2009Distal and proximal parenting as alternative parenting strategies during infants' early months of life: A cross-cultural studyKeller, Heidi; Borke, Joern; Staufenbiel, Thomas ; Yovsi, Relindis D.; Abels, Monika; Papaligoura, Zaira; Jensen, Henning; Lohaus, Arnold; Chaudhary, Nandita; Lo, Wingshan; Su, Yanjie
2006Eye contact and social contingency experiences from 3 to 6 months of age and their relation to the detection of non-social contingenciesLohaus, Arnold; Keller, Heidi; Lissmann, Ilka; Ball, Juliane; Borke, Joern; Lamm, Bettina
2007Father-infant interaction, paternal ideas about early child care, and their consequences for the development of children's self-recognitionBorke, Joern; Lamm, Bettina; Eickhorst, Andreas; Keller, Heidi
2008Fatherhood in different decades: Interactions between German fathers and their infants in 1977 and 2001Eickhorst, Andreas; Lamm, Bettina; Borke, Joern; Keller, Heidi
2007Socialization environments of Chinese and Euro-American middle-class babies: Parenting behaviors, verbal discourses and ethnotheoriesKeller, Heidi; Abels, Monika; Borke, Joern; Lamm, Bettina; Lo, Wingshan; Su, Yanjie; Wang, Yifang