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2012Conformational changes of the betaine transporter BetP from Corynebacterium glutamicum studied by pulse EPR spectroscopyNicklisch, S. C. T.; Wunnicke, D.; Borovykh, I. V.; Morbach, S.; Klare, J. P.; Steinhoff, H. -J.; Kraemer, R.
2008Spin Labeling of Photosynthetic SystemsBorovykh, I. V.; Steinhoff, Heinz-Jürgen 
2007Spin polarization induced by optical and microwave resonance radiation in a Si vacancy in SiC: A promising subject for the spectroscopy of single defectsBaranov, P. G.; Bundakova, A. P.; Borovykh, I. V.; Orlinskii, S. B.; Zondervan, R.; Schmidt, J.
2007Spin-labeled photosynthetic reaction centers from Rhodobacter sphaeroides studied by electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy and molecular dynamics simulationsGajula, P.; Borovykh, I. V.; Beier, C.; Shkuropatova, T.; Gast, P.; Steinhoff, H.-J.
2007The dynamical transition in proteins of bacterial photosynthetic reaction centers observed by echo-detected EPR of specific spin labelsBorovykh, I. V.; Gast, P.; Dzuba, S. A.
2007Use of spin labels to study membrane proteins by high-frequency electron nuclear double resonance spectroscopyOrlinskii, S. B.; Borovykh, I. V.; Zielke, V.; Steinhoff, H.-J.