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2022Breeding-bird assemblages of calcareous grasslands and heathlands provide evidence for Common juniper (Juniperus communis) as a keystone speciesFartmann, Thomas ; Drung, Marco; Henning, Ole; Loeffler, Franz; Brueggeshemke, Jonas
2022Effects of local climate and habitat heterogeneity on breeding-bird assemblages of semi-natural grasslandsBrueggeshemke, Jonas; Drung, Marco; Loeffler, Franz; Fartmann, Thomas 
2019Odonate assemblages of urban stormwater ponds: the conservation value depends on pond typeHoltmann, Lisa; Brueggeshemke, Jonas; Juchem, Marvin; Fartmann, Thomas 
2018Stormwater ponds promote dragonfly (Odonata) species richness and density in urban areasHoltmann, Lisa; Juchem, Marvin; Brueggeshemke, Jonas; Moehlmeyer, Antje; Fartmann, Thomas 
2022Summer drought affects abundance of grassland grasshoppers differently along an elevation gradientFartmann, Thomas ; Brueggeshemke, Jonas; Poniatowski, Dominik; Loeffler, Franz
2022Untangling the role of a novel agroecosystem as a habitat for declining farmland birdsKaempfer, Steffen; Loeffler, Franz; Brueggeshemke, Jonas; Fartmann, Thomas