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2015Determinants of between-year burrow re-occupation in a colony of the European bee-eater Merops apiasterBrust, Vera; Bastian, Hans-Valentin; Bastian, Anita; Schmoll, Tim
2017Individual consistency in multiple cognitive performance: behavioural versus cognitive syndromesGuenther, Anja; Brust, Vera
2015Lifetime development of behavioural phenotype in the house mouse (Mus musculus)Brust, Vera; Schindler, Philipp M.; Lewejohann, Lars 
2021Lifetime Observation of Cognition and Physiological Parameters in Male MiceKahnau, Pia; Guenther, Anja; Boon, Marcus Nicolaas; Terzenbach, Janine Denise; Hanitzsch, Eric; Lewejohann, Lars ; Brust, Vera
2017Stability of the guinea pigs personality - cognition - linkage over timeBrust, Vera; Guenther, Anja