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2023A Prototypical Dashboard for Knowledge-Based Expert Systems used for Real-Time Anomaly Handling in Smart ManufacturingStahmann, Philip
2022Analyzing Barriers to Digital Transformation in the German Engineering Industry - A Comparison of Digitalized and Non-Digitalized EnterprisesBrink, Henning; Packmohr, Sven
2019Barriers to digital transformation in manufacturing: Development of a research agendaVogelsang, K.; Liere-Netheler, K.; Packmohr, S.; Hoppe, U. 
2021Deep learning object detection as an assistance system for complex image labeling tasksLeimkühler, M.; Gravemeier, L.S.; Biester, T.; Thomas, O. 
2023Designing for Digital Wellbeing on a Smartphone: Co-creation of Digital Nudges to Mitigate Instagram OverusePurohit, Aditya Kumar; Barev, Torben Jan; Schöbel, Sofia; Janson, Andreas; Holzer, Adrian
2018Drivers of digital transformation in manufacturingLiere-Netheler, K.; Packmohr, S.; Vogelsang, K.
2015Information needs of the mobile technical customer service - A case study in the field of machinery and plant engineeringDaeuble, G.; Oezcan, D.; Niemoeller, C.; Fellmann, M.; Nuettgens, M.; Thomas, O. 
2021Is ethics really such a big deal? The influence of perceived usefulness of AI-based surveillance technology on ethical decision-making in scenarios of public surveillanceAnton, E.; Kus, K.; Teuteberg, F. 
2020Learning analytics in the flipped classroom - Learning dashboards from the students' perspectiveDroit, A.; Rieger, B. 
2023Not everything is a Metaverse?! A Practitioners Perspective on Characterizing Metaverse PlatformsSchöbel, Sofia; Karatas, Jasmin; Tingelhoff, Fabian; Leimeister, Jan Marco
2023Nudging Digital Learning - An Experimental Analysis of Social Nudges to Manage Self-Regulated Learning and Online Learning SuccessSchlegel, Laura; Schöbel, Sofia; Söllner, Matthias
2022Painting A Holistic Picture of Trust in and Adoption of Conversational Agents: A Meta-Analytic Structural Equation Modeling ApproachAnton, Eduard; Oesterreich, Thuy Duong; Schuir, Julian; Teuteberg, Frank 
2021Requirements identification for real-time anomaly detection in Industrie 4.0 machine groups: A structured literature reviewStahmann, P.; Rieger, B. 
2022The Force of Habit: Examining the Status Quo Bias for Using Mixed Reality in Patient EducationAnton, Eduard; Schuir, Julian; Teuteberg, Frank 
2022Towards Design Principles for a Real-Time Anomaly Detection Algorithm Benchmark Suited to Industrie 4.0 Streaming DataStahmann, Philip; Rieger, Bodo 
2022Trust Recipes for Enhancing the Intention to Adopt Conversational Agents for Disease Diagnosis: An fsQCA ApproachAnton, Eduard; Oesterreich, Thuy Duong; Fitte, Christian; Teuteberg, Frank 
2019Understanding the changing role of the management accountant in the age of industry 4.0 in GermanyWadan, R.; Bensberg, F.; Teuteberg, F. ; Buscher, G.
2016Use cases as a means to support the appropriation of enterprise social softwareHerzog, C.; Richter, A.
2016Valuing the advantage of early termination: Adopting real options theory for SaaSJede, A.; Teuteberg, F.