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2013A generic architecture for robust automatic detection and suppression of sub-harmonicsHülsmann, J.; Buschermöhle, A.; Lintze, C.; Brockmann, W. 
2010A generic concept to increase the robustness of embedded systems by trust managementBrockmann, W. ; Buschermöhle, A.; Hülsmann, J.
2012A structured view on sources of uncertainty in supervised learningBuschermöhle, A.; Hülsmann, J.; Brockmann, W. 
2013COBRA - A generic architecture for robust treatment of uncertain informationBrockmann, W. ; Buschermöhle, A.; Schoenke, J.H.
2011Incorporating dynamic uncertainties into a fuzzy classifierHülsmann, J.; Buschermöhle, A.; Brockmann, W. 
2014Reliable localized on-line learning in non-stationary environmentsBuschermöhle, A.; Brockmann, W. 
2008Stable classification in environments with varying degrees of uncertaintyBuschermöhle, A.; Rosemann, N.; Brockmann, W. 
2013Stable on-line learning with optimized local learning, but minimal change of the global outputBuschermöhle, A.; Brockmann, W. 
2013The incremental risk functional: Basics of a novel incremental learning approachBuschermöhle, A.; Schoenke, J.; Rosemann, N.; Brockmann, W. 
2012Uncertainty and trust estimation in incrementally learning function approximationBuschermöhle, A.; Schoenke, J.; Brockmann, W.