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2005Ab initio investigation of noncontact atomic force microscopy tip-surface instability in InAs(110) surfaceCaciuc, V; Holscher, H; Blugel, S
2000Ab initio structure and zone-center phonons in LiNbO3Caciuc, V; Postnikov, AV; Borstel, G
2001Ab initio zone-center phonons in LiTaO3: Comparison to LiNbO3Caciuc, V; Postnikov, AV
2003Electronic structure of Sn2P2S6Kuepper, K ; Schneider, B; Caciuc, V; Neumann, M; Postnikov, AV; Ruediger, A; Grabar, AA; Vysochanskii, YM
2000First-principles simulations of ferroelectric oxidesPostnikov, AV; Eglitis, RI; Caciuc, V; Borstel, G
2000Structure optimization and frozen phonons in LiNbO3Postnikov, AV; Caciuc, V; Borstel, G