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1999Ab initio and semiempirical calculations of H- centers in MgO crystalsKuklja, MM; Stefanovich, EV; Kotomin, EA; Popov, AI; Gonzalez, R; Chen, Y
2001Phosphoramidites and oligonucleotides containing 7-deazapurines and pyrimidines carrying aminopropargyl side chainsSeela, F; Ramzaeva, N; Leonard, P; Chen, Y; Debelak, H; Feiling, E; Kroschel, R; Zulauf, M; Wenzel, T; Frohlich, T; Kostrzewa, M
1999Photoconversion and dynamic hole recycling process in anion vacancies in neutron-irradiated MgO crystalsMonge, MA; Gonzalez, R; Santiuste, JEM; Pareja, R; Chen, Y; Kotomin, EA; Popov, AI
1999Photoconversion of F-type centers in thermochemically reduced MgO single crystalsGonzalez, R; Monge, MA; Munoz-Santiuste, JE; Pareja, R; Chen, Y; Kotomin, E; Kukla, MM; Popov, AI
1999The dynamics of the hydride ion in MgO single crystalsMonge, MA; Gonzalez, R; Popov, AI; Pareja, R; Chen, Y; Kotomin, EA; Kuklja, MM