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2002CaiT of Escherichia coli, a new transporter catalyzing L-carnitine/gamma-butyrobetaine exchangeJung, H; Buchholz, M; Clausen, J; Nietschke, M; Revermann, A; Schmid, R; Jung, K
2004Detection of an intermediate of photosynthetic water oxidationClausen, J; Junge, W 
2002Electrostatics and proton transfer in photosynthetic water oxidationJunge, W ; Haumann, M; Ahlbrink, R; Mulkidjanian, A ; Clausen, J
2005Evidence that bicarbonate is not the substrate in photosynthetic oxygen evolutionClausen, J; Beckmann, K; Junge, W ; Messinger, J
2006Photosynthetic oxygen productionJunge, W ; Clausen, J
2005Photosynthetic water oxidation at high O-2 backpressure monitored by delayed chlorophyll fluorescenceClausen, J; Junge, W ; Dau, H; Haumann, M
2004Photosynthetic water oxidation driven backClausen, J; Junge, W 
2001Photosynthetic water oxidation in Synechocystis sp PCC6803: mutations D1-E189K, R and Q are without influence on electron transfer at the donor side of photosystem IIClausen, J; Winkler, S; Hays, AMA; Hundelt, M; Debus, RJ; Junge, W 
2005Search for intermediates of photosynthetic water oxidationClausen, J; Junge, W 
2004Time-resolved oxygen production by PSII: chasing chemical intermediatesClausen, J; Debus, RJ; Junge, W