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1997Composition dependence of the ultraviolet absorption edge in lithium niobateKovacs, L; Ruschhaupt, G; Polgar, K; Corradi, G; Wohlecke, M
2004Gap levels of Ti3+ on Nb or Li sites in LiNbO3 :(Mg): Ti crystals and their effect on charge transfer processesCorradi, G; Meyer, M; Kovacs, L; Polgar, K
1995On the substitution site of Cr and Fe in LiNbO3: An EXAFS studyCorradi, G; Chadwick, AV; West, AR; Cruickshank, K; Paul, M
1996Optical methods to characterise the composition and homogeneity of lithium niobate single crystalsWohlecke, M; Corradi, G; Betzler, K