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2009Absorption cross sections and number densities of electron and hole polarons in congruently melting LiNbO3Merschjann, C.; Schoke, B.; Conradi, D.; Imlau, M. ; Corradi, G.; Polgar, K.
2005Bipolarons localised by Ti dopants in reduced LiNbO3 crystals double-doped by Ti and MgCorradi, G.; Meyer, M.; Polgár, K.
2007EPR of Cu2+ in lithium tetraborate single crystalsCorradi, G.; Watterich, A.; Polgár, K.; Nagirnyi, V.; Hofstaetter, A.; Rakitina, L.G.; Meyer, M.
2020Excitonic hopping-pinning scenarios in lithium niobate based on atomistic models: different kinds of stretched exponential kinetics in the same systemCorradi, G.; Krampf, A.; Messerschmidt, S.; Vittadello, L.; Imlau, M. 
2008Influence of Mg doping on the behaviour of polaronic light-induced absorption in LiNbO3Conradi, D.; Merschjann, C.; Schoke, B.; Imlau, M. ; Corradi, G.; Polgar, K.
2008Investigation of Cu-doped Li2B4O7 single crystals by electron paramagnetic resonance and time-resolved optical spectroscopyCorradi, G.; Nagirnyi, V.; Kotlov, A.; Watterich, A.; Kirm, M.; Polgar, K.; Hofstaetter, A.; Meyer, M.
2012Small-polaron based holograms in LiNbO3 in the visible spectrumBruening, H.; Dieckmann, V.; Schoke, B.; Voit, K-M; Imlau, M. ; Corradi, G.; Merschjann, C.
2019The role of self-trapped excitons in polaronic recombination processes in lithium niobateMesserschmidt, S.; Krampf, A.; Freytag, F.; Imlau, M. ; Vittadello, L.; Bazzan, M.; Corradi, G.
2010Transient light-induced absorption in periodically poled lithium niobate: Small polaron hopping in the presence of a spatially modulated defect concentrationSchoke, B.; Imlau, M. ; Bruening, H.; Merschjann, C.; Corradi, G.; Polgar, K.; Naumova, I. I.