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2020A trafficome-wide RNAi screen reveals deployment of early and late secretory host proteins and the entire late endo-/lysosomal vesicle fusion machinery by intracellularSalmonellaKehl, Alexander; Goeser, Vera; Reuter, Tatjana; Liss, Viktoria; Franke, Maximilian; John, Christopher; Richter, Christian P.; Deiwick, Joerg; Hensel, Michael 
2011Crystallization and preliminary crystallographic analysis of an Ig-domain-encompassing fragment of the giant adhesion protein SiiE from Salmonella entericaSturm, Karina U.; Griessl, Martin H.; Wagner, Carolin; Deiwick, Joerg; Hensel, Michael ; Muller, Yves A.
2022Effect of Environmental Temperatures on Proteome Composition of Salmonella enterica Serovar TyphimuriumElpers, Laura; Deiwick, Joerg; Hensel, Michael 
2015Proteomes of Host Cell Membranes Modified by Intracellular Activities of Salmonella entericaVorwerk, Stephanie; Krieger, Viktoria; Deiwick, Joerg; Hensel, Michael ; Hansmeier, Nicole
2017Salmonella enterica Remodels the Host Cell Endosomal System for Efficient Intravacuolar NutritionLiss, Viktoria; Swart, A. Leoni; Kehl, Alexander; Hermanns, Natascha; Zhang, Yuying; Chikkaballi, Deepak; Boehles, Nathalie; Deiwick, Joerg; Hensel, Michael 
2018Structure-based functional analysis of effector protein SifA in living cells reveals motifs important for Salmonella intracellular proliferationNamakchian, Mahsa; Kassler, Kristin; Sticht, Heinrich; Hensel, Michael ; Deiwick, Joerg
2014The Salmonella enterica giant adhesin SiiE binds to polarized epithelial cells in a lectin-like mannerWagner, Carolin; Barlag, Britta; Gerlach, Roman G.; Deiwick, Joerg; Hensel, Michael