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2007Autobiographical Remembering and Cultural Memory in A Socio-Historical PerspectiveDemuth, Carolin; Abels, Monika; Keller, Heidi
2011Developmental precursors of autonomy and relatedness: discursive practices in childhood and autobiographical self-constructions in young adulthoodDemuth, Carolin; Keller, Heidi; Gudi, Helene; Otto, Hiltrud
2006Further Explorations of the "Western Mind". Euro-American and German Mothers' and Grandmothers' EthnotheoriesKeller, Heidi; Demuth, Carolin
2015„Ich nehme das beste von beidem“ – Ethnotheorien türkisch-stämmiger Mütter in DeutschlandDemuth, Carolin; Root, Marina; Gerwing, Sarah
2011Memories of Me: Comparisons from Osnabrueck (Germany) and Delhi (India) Students and Their MothersDemuth, Carolin; Chaudhary, Nandita; Keller, Heidi
2011Mutter-Säugling-Interaktion als kulturhistorisch formierte Tätigkeit - Ein Vergleich zwischen Kikaikelaki (Nord-West Kamerun) und Münster (Norddeutschland)Demuth, Carolin; Keller, Heidi; Yovsi, Relindis D.
2012On living social discourse, embodiment and culture: The potential of a broadened conception of discursive psychologyDemuth, Carolin
2013Socializing Infants Toward a Cultural Understanding of Expressing Negative Affect: A Bakhtinian Informed Discursive Psychology ApproachDemuth, Carolin
2008Talking to infants : how culture is instantiated in early mother-infant interactions ; the case of Cameroonian farming Nso and North German middle-class familiesDemuth, Carolin
2007The Discursive Construction of Selfhood in Chinese and Euro-American Mother-Infant InteractionsKeller, Heidi; Demuth, Carolin
2008The multi-voicedness of independence and interdependence: The case of the Cameroonian NsoKeller, Heidi; Demuth, Carolin; Yovsi, Relindis D.