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2019Body Dissatisfaction, Importance of Appearance, and Body Appreciation in Men and Women Over the LifespanQuittkat, Hannah L.; Hartmann, Andrea S. ; Duesing, Rainer; Buhlmann, Ulrike; Vocks, Silja 
2019Body-Oriented Gaze Behaviors in Men With Muscle Dysmorphia DiagnosesWaldorf, Manuel ; Vocks, Silja ; Duesing, Rainer; Bauer, Anika; Cordes, Martin
2017Effects of the exposure to self- and other-referential bodies on state body image and negative affect in resistance-trained menCordes, Martin; Vocks, Silja ; Duesing, Rainer; Waldorf, Manuel 
2021Emotion regulation ability compensates for the depression-related negativity biasDuesing, Rainer; Radtke, Elise L.; Kuhl, Julius ; Konrad, Carsten; Vandekerckhove, Marie; Quirin, Markus
2013Implicit Affiliation Motive Predicts Correct Intuitive JudgmentQuirin, Markus; Duesing, Rainer; Kuhl, Julius 
2015Intranasal oxytocin administration engenders blocked vasopressin homeostatic responses but no salivary vasopressin increasesDuesing, Rainer; Tops, Mattie; Quirin, Markus
2013Is love right? Prefrontal resting brain asymmetry is related to the affiliation motiveQuirin, Markus; Gruber, Thomas ; Kuhl, Julius ; Duesing, Rainer
2016Male Body Image and Visual Attention Towards Oneself and Other MenCordes, Martin; Vocks, Silja ; Duesing, Rainer; Bauer, Anika; Waldorf, Manuel 
2023One body, two faces: How double standards influence body evaluation in women with binge-eating disorder compared to mentally healthy women with higher weight and average weightQuittkat, Hannah L.; Voges, Mona M.; Kisker, Joanna; Schoene, Benjamin; Duesing, Rainer; Vocks, Silja 
2011Oxytocin buffers cortisol responses to stress in individuals with impaired emotion regulation abilitiesQuirin, Markus; Kuhl, Julius ; Duesing, Rainer
2020Personality, Stress, and Intuition: Emotion Regulation Abilities Moderate the Effect of Stress-Dependent Cortisol Increase on Coherence JudgmentsRadtke, Elise L.; Duesing, Rainer; Kuhl, Julius ; Tops, Mattie; Quirin, Markus
2020Post-stroke depression and functional impairments - A 3-year prospective studySchoettke, Henning; Gerke, Leonie; Duesing, Rainer; Moellmann, Anne
-Psychometric Evaluation of the German-Language Version of the Feedback on Physical Appearance Scale on Female Adolescents With Eating Disorders Plus Adolescents and Women Without Eating DisordersQuittkat, Hannah L.; Bauer, Anika; Waldorf, Manuel ; Braks, Karsten; Huber, Thomas J.; Duesing, Rainer; Vocks, Silja 
2016Relative frontal brain asymmetry and cortisol release after social stress: The role of action orientationDuesing, Rainer; Tops, Mattie; Radtke, Elise Leila; Kuhl, Julius ; Quirin, Markus
2014The role of oxytocin and alexithymia in the therapeutic processQuirin, Markus; Carter, C. Sue; Bode, Regina C.; Duesing, Rainer; Radtke, Elise L.; Tops, Mattie