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2021Academic Self-Regulation, Chronotype and Personality in University Students During the Remote Learning Phase due to COVID-19Staller, Naomi; Grossmann, Nadine; Eckes, Alexander; Wilde, Matthias; Mueller, Florian H.; Randler, Christoph
2021How Can Students Feel More Vital Amidst Severe Restrictions? Psychological Needs Satisfaction, Motivational Regulation and Vitality of Students during the Coronavirus Pandemic RestrictionsMartinek, Daniela; Carmignola, Matteo; Mueller, Florian H.; Bieg, Sonja; Thomas, Almut; Eckes, Alexander; Grossmann, Nadine; Dittrich, Ann-Kathrin; Wilde, Matthias
2020Virtual Reality Nature Experiences Involving Wolves on YouTube: Presence, Emotions, and Attitudes in Immersive and Nonimmersive SettingsFilter, Elfin; Eckes, Alexander; Fiebelkorn, Florian ; Buessing, Alexander Georg