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2001Characterization of a proteasome alpha-chain from Giardia lambliaEmmerlich, V; Scholze, H; Gillin, FD; Bakker-Grunwald, T
2002Co-existence of two regulatory NADP-glyceraldehyde 3-P dehydrogenase complexes in higher plant chloroplastsScheibe, R ; Wedel, N; Vetter, S; Emmerlich, V; Sauermann, SM
1999Isolation and subunit composition of the 20S proteasome of Giardia lambliaEmmerlich, V; Santarius, U; Bakker-Grunwald, T; Scholze, H
2005Strategies to maintain redox homeostasis during photosynthesis under changing conditionsScheibe, R ; Backhausen, JE; Emmerlich, V; Holtgrefe, S