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2011Adaptation to Climate Change - Potentials of Social Science Research in GermanyGrothmann, Torsten; Daschkeit, Achim; Felgentreff, Carsten; Goerg, Christoph; Horstmann, Britta; Scholz, Imme; Tekken, Vera
-CITIES AND MIGRATION - BIBLIOMETRIC EVIDENCE FROM A SPATIALLY BIASED FIELD OF KNOWLEDGE PRODUCTIONSchmiz, Antonie ; Felgentreff, Carsten; Franz, Martin ; Paul, Marcel; Pott, Andreas ; Raeuchle, Charlotte; Schrader, Sebastian
2016Climatic turn in migration studies? Geographical perspectives on the relationship between climate and migrationFelgentreff, Carsten; Pott, Andreas 
2010Editorial for the special issue: extreme events and vulnerability in environment and societyGlade, Thomas; Felgentreff, Carsten; Birkmann, Joern
2018Migration durch Klimapolitik. Die globale Produktion von Klimamigrantinnen und KlimamigrantenFelgentreff, Carsten
2013Natural hazards and resilience: exploring institutional and organizational dimensions of social resilienceHutter, Gerard; Kuhlicke, Christian; Glade, Thomas; Felgentreff, Carsten
2022The effects of interdisciplinarity and internationality of group compositions in student fieldworkArnold, Hannah; Felgentreff, Carsten; Franz, Martin ; Higgs, Bettie