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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A new analytical approach for monitoring microplastics in marine sedimentsNuelle, Marie-Theres; Dekiff, Jens H.; Remy, Dominique ; Fries, Elke
2007Absorption and adsorption of ETBE and mesitylene in and on iceSchmidt, Martin U.; Hammer, Sonja M.; Fries, Elke
2012Acute and chronic toxicity of benzotriazoles to aquatic organismsSeeland, Anne; Oetken, Matthias; Kiss, Aliz; Fries, Elke; Oehlmann, Joerg
2008Analysis of benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylenes and n-aldehydes in melted snow water via solid-phase dynamic extraction combined with gas chromatography/mass spectrometrySieg, Karsten; Fries, Elke; Puettmann, Wilhelm
2009Analysis of potassium formate in airport storm water runoff by headspace solid-phase microextraction and gas chromatography-mass spectrometryFries, Elke; Klasmeier, Joerg 
2011Application of Twisselmann Extraction, SPME, and GC-MS To Assess Input Sources for Organophosphate Esters into SoilMihajlovic, Ivana; Miloradov, Mirjana Vojinovic; Fries, Elke
2012Atmospheric deposition of chlorinated organophosphate flame retardants (OFR) onto soilsMihajlovic, Ivana; Fries, Elke
2008Benzene, alkylated benzenes, chlorinated hydrocarbons and monoterpenes in snow/ice at Jungfraujoch (46.6 degrees N, 8.0 degrees E) during CLACE 4 and 5Fries, Elke; Sieg, Karsten; Puettmann, Wilhelm; Jaeschke, Wolfgang; Winterhalter, Richard; Williams, Jonathan; Moortgat, Geert K.
2008Carbon stocks and greenhouse gas balance of harvested wood products: focus on the Asia-Pacific partnership countries vis-a-vis the European UnionKohlmaier, Gundolf; Kohlmaier, Luita; Fries, Elke; Jaeschke, Wolfgang
2010Contamination of Antarctic snow by polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons dominated by combustion sources in the polar regionKukucka, Petr; Lammel, Gerhard; Dvorska, Alice; Klanova, Jana; Moeller, Andrea; Fries, Elke
2011Determination of benzothiazole in untreated wastewater using polar-phase stir bar sorptive extraction and gas chromatography mass spectrometryFries, Elke
2013Identification of polymer types and additives in marine microplastic particles using pyrolysis-GC/MS and scanning electron microscopyFries, Elke; Dekiff, Jens H.; Willmeyer, Jana; Nuelle, Marie-Theres; Ebert, Martin; Remy, Dominique 
2011Investigation of partitioning mechanism for volatile organic compounds in a multiphase systemStarokozhev, Elena; Sieg, Karsten; Fries, Elke; Puettmann, Willhelm
2007Laboratory studies on the uptake of aromatic hydrocarbons by ice crystals during vapor depositional crystal growthFries, Elke; Starokozhev, Elena; Haunold, Werner; Jaeschke, Wolfgang; Mitra, Subir K.; Borrmann, Stephan; Schmidt, Martin U.
2011Microplastics in oceansZarfl, Christiane; Fleet, David; Fries, Elke; Galgani, Francois; Gerdts, Gunnar; Hanke, Georg; Matthies, Michael
2009n-Aldehydes ( C 6 - C 10 ) in snow samples collected at the high alpine research station Jungfraujoch during CLACE 5Sieg, Karsten; Starokozhev, Elena; Fries, Elke; Sala, S.; Püttmann, Wilhelm
2009n-Aldehydes (C 6 –C 10 ) in snow samples collected at the high alpine research station Jungfraujoch during CLACE 5Sieg, Karsten; Starokozhev, Elena; Fries, Elke; Sala, S.; Püttmann, Wilhelm
2012New developments in the trace analysis of organic water pollutantsFischer, Klaus; Fries, Elke; Koerner, Wolfgang; Schmalz, Christina; Zwiener, Christian
2011Occurrence and distribution of benzothiazole in the Schwarzbach watershed (Germany)Fries, Elke; Gocht, Tilman; Klasmeier, Joerg 
2014Occurrence and spatial distribution of microplastics in sediments from NorderneyDekiff, Jens H.; Remy, Dominique ; Klasmeier, Joerg ; Fries, Elke