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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A general scoring ruleGaertner, Wulf; Xu, Yongsheng
1994A Model of Interdependent Consumer Behavior: Nonlinear Dynamics in ℝ2Gaertner, Wulf; Jungeilges, Jochen
2008A new class of measures of the standard of living based on functioningsGaertner, Wulf; Xu, Yongsheng
2005A New Measure of the Standard of Living Based on FunctioningsGaertner, Wulf; Xu, Yongsheng
2011A Questionnaire-Experimental Study of Equity Evaluations Over TimeGaertner, Wulf
2019Against the proportionality principle: Experimental findings on bargaining over lossesGaertner, Wulf; Bradley, Richard; Xu, Yongsheng; Schwettmann, Lars
2017An Experimental Game of Loss SharingGaertner, Wulf; Schwettmann, Lars; Xu, Yongsheng
1992Axiomatic Characterizations of Gauthier’s Bargaining SolutionGaertner, Wulf; Klemisch-Ahlert, Marlies
1988Binary Inversions and Transitive MajoritiesGaertner, Wulf
2017Burden sharing in deficit countries: a questionnaire-experimental investigationGaertner, Wulf; Schwettmann, Lars
1983COMMENTS on Viljem RupnikGaertner, Wulf
2018Decisions on Public Projects with Negative Externalities: Veil of Ignorance or Impartial Spectator?Colombo, Camilla; Gaertner, Wulf
2004Die OrganknappheitGaertner, Wulf; Aumann, Christian
2004Die OrganknappheitEin Pldoyer fr eine MarktlsungAumann, Christian; Gaertner, Wulf
1997Discussion of Arrow’s PaperGaertner, Wulf
2012Distributional orderings: an approach with seven flavorsAmiel, Yoram; Cowell, Frank; Gaertner, Wulf
2007Distributional Orderings: An Approach with Seven FlavoursAmiel, Yoram; Cowell, Frank; Gaertner, Wulf
1992Distributive JudgmentsGaertner, Wulf; Klemisch-Ahlert, Marlies
1992Distributive Results in Bargaining ExperimentsGaertner, Wulf; Klemisch-Ahlert, Marlies
2001Domain Conditions in Social Choice TheoryGaertner, Wulf