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1997Algebraic aspects of attribute dependencies in information systemsDüntsch, I.; Gediga, G.
2013Completion of the EVA Skin Study: Surprises regarding Dermatologists' ProcedureVoss, H.; Mentzel, F.; Skudlik, C. ; Maier, B.; Gediga, G.; Gediga, K.; Maurer, J.; John, S. M. 
2010Long-term effectiveness of the general secondary individual prevention (ASIP) in the context of dermatologist practice and stage procedure skin.Wilke, A.; Wulfhorst, B.; Sieverding, M.; Gediga, G.; Schlesinger, T.; John, S. M. 
2009Optimized dermatologist's report and hierarchical multi-step inventionVoss, H.; Mentzel, F.; Wilke, A.; Maier, B.; Gediga, G.; Skudlik, C. ; John, S. M. 
2010Quality assurance in the management of occupational dermatoses: evaluation of dermatologist's procedure and hierarchical multi-step interventionMentzel, F.; Voss, H.; Wilke, A.; Skudlik, C. ; Maier, B.; Gediga, G.; John, S. M. 
2011Randomized Evaluation of the Dermatologist's Procedure: Where's hooked, it'll work out?Voss, H.; Mentzel, F.; Skudlik, C. ; Maier, B.; Gediga, G.; Gediga, K.; John, S. M. 
2007Relational attribute systems II: Reasoning with relations in information structuresDüntsch, I.; Gediga, G.; Orłowska, E.
2013Research project EVA-Haut: Quality assessment of improved dermatologist's procedure [Eva-Haut: Optimierungsmöglichkeiten für die Praxis aus medizinischer Sicht]Voß, H.; Gediga, G.; Gediga, K.; Maier, B.; Mentzel, F.; Skudlik, C. ; John, S.M. 
1987Reserves of intellectual performance capacity in geriatric psychiatric patients and inmates of old people's homes [RESERVEN GEISTIGER LEISTUNGSFAHIGKEIT BEI GERIATRISCHEN PSYCHIATRIEPATIENTEN UND BEI ALTENHEIMBEWOHNERN: EINE STUDIE ZUR DYNAMISCHEN TESTDIAGNOSTIK]Wiedl, K.H.; Schottke, H. ; Gediga, G.
2010Study on the Knowledge and individual Response to UV LightLandeck, L.; Gediga, G.; Gaede, D.; John, S. M. 
2010Sustainability of an interdisciplinary secondary prevention program for hairdressersWulfhorst, B.; Bock, M.; Gediga, G.; Skudlik, C. ; Allmers, H.; John, S. M. 
2008Tertiary individual prevention of occupational skin diseases: a decade's experience with recalcitrant occupational dermatitisSkudlik, C. ; Wulfhorst, B.; Gediga, G.; Bock, M.; Allmers, H.; John, S. M.