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1997Copolymerization of butadiene/isoprene with rare earth catalyst systemGehrke, K; Kruger, G; Lechner, MD
1996Influence of conditions of synthesis on molecular properties of polybutadieneGehrke, K; Boldt, D; Gebauer, U; Lechner, MD
1996Polymerization of butadiene with the catalyst system Nd(oct)(3)/Al(i-but)(2)Cl/Al(i-but)(3)Gehrke, K; Kruger, C; Gebauer, U; Lechner, MD
1997Polymerization time and total catalyst concentration change cis-1,4-polybutadieneOehme, A; Gebauer, U; Gehrke, K; Lechner, MD
1997Synthesis of poly(butadiene-co-ethyl and -n-butylvinyl ether) with a heterogeneous titanium catalyst systemKaulbach, R; Gebauer, U; Mahner, C; Lerchner, MD; Gehrke, K
1996The influence of ageing and polymerization conditions on the polymerization of butadiene using a neodymium catalyst systemOehme, A; Gebauer, U; Gehrke, K; Lechner, MD