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2014Children's drawings of self and family : bridging cultural and universal perspectivesGernhardt, Ariane
2016Children's Family Drawings as Expressions of Attachment Representations Across Cultures: Possibilities and LimitationsGernhardt, Ariane; Keller, Heidi; Ruebeling, Hartmut
2015Cultural perspectives on children's tadpole drawings: at the interface between representation and productionGernhardt, Ariane; Ruebeling, Hartmut; Keller, Heidi
2016Culture - Development - Education. Cultur-sensitive Therapy and Advice for Families with Infants and Small ChildrenGernhardt, Ariane
2019How Societal Changes Have Influenced German Children's Gender Representations as Expressed in Human Figure Drawings in 1977 and 2015Lamm, Bettina; Gernhardt, Ariane; Ruebeling, Hartmut
2019How Young Adolescents Draw Themselves: A Comparison Across Three Ecosocial Contexts in Southern MadagascarScheidecker, Gabriel; Gernhardt, Ariane; Ruebeling, Hartmut; Holtmannspotter, Jona; Keller, Heidi
2014Self- and family-conceptions of Turkish migrant, native German, and native Turkish children: A comparison of children's drawingsGernhardt, Ariane; Ruebeling, Hartmut; Keller, Heidi
2021Sharing and asking for help: Social support networks from the perspective of 4-6 year olds in three different eco-social milieusRuebeling, Hartmut; Storm, Sina; Gernhardt, Ariane
2013``This Is My Family'': Differences in Children's Family Drawings Across CulturesGernhardt, Ariane; Ruebeling, Hartmut; Keller, Heidi