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2011Detecting the symplesiomorphy trap: a multigene phylogenetic analysis of terebelliform annelidsZhong, Min; Hansen, Benjamin; Nesnidal, Maximilian; Golombek, Anja; Halanych, Kenneth M.; Struck, Torsten H.
2015Elucidating the phylogenetic position of Gnathostomulida and first mitochondrial genomes of Gnathostomulida, Gastrotricha and Polycladida (Platyhelminthes)Golombek, Anja; Tobergte, Sarah; Struck, Torsten H.
2018Inferring the phylogeny of problematic metazoan taxa using mitogenomic and phylogenomic dataGolombek, Anja
2023Mitochondrial Genome Evolution in Annelida-A Systematic Study on Conservative and Variable Gene Orders and the Factors Influencing its EvolutionStruck, Torsten H.; Golombek, Anja; Hoesel, Christoph; Dimitrov, Dimitar; Elgetany, Asmaa Haris
2013Mitochondrial genomes to the rescue - Diurodrilidae in the myzostomid trapGolombek, Anja; Tobergte, Sarah; Nesnidal, Maximilian P.; Purschke, Guenter ; Struck, Torsten H.
2014Platyzoan Paraphyly Based on Phylogenomic Data Supports a Noncoelomate Ancestry of SpiraliaStruck, Torsten H.; Wey-Fabrizius, Alexandra R.; Golombek, Anja; Hering, Lars; Weigert, Anne; Bleidorn, Christoph; Klebow, Sabrina; Iakovenko, Nataliia; Hausdorf, Bernhard; Petersen, Malte; Kueck, Patrick; Herlyn, Holger; Hankeln, Thomas
2015The Evolution of Annelids Reveals Two Adaptive Routes to the Interstitial RealmStruck, Torsten Hugo; Golombek, Anja; Weigert, Anne; Franke, Franziska Anni; Westheide, Wilfried; Purschke, Guenter ; Bleidorn, Christoph; Halanych, Kenneth Michael
2013The impact of mitochondrial genome analyses on the understanding of deuterostome phylogenyPerseke, Marleen; Golombek, Anja; Schlegel, Martin; Struck, Torsten H.