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2020Contemporary integrative taxonomy for sexually deprived protists: A case study of Trachelomonas (Euglenaceae) from western UkraineZerdoner Calasan, Anze; Kretschmann, Juliane; Gottschling, Marc
2020Phylogenetic placement of environmental sequences using taxonomically reliable databases helps to rigorously assess dinophyte biodiversity in Bavarian lakes (Germany)Gottschling, Marc; Chacon, Juliana; Calasan, Anze Zerdoner; Neuhaus, Stefan; Kretschmann, Juliane; Stibor, Herwig; John, Uwe
2018The Hot Spot in a Cold Environment: Puzzling Parvodinium (Peridiniopsidaceae, Peridiniales) from the Polish Tatra MountainsKretschmann, Juliane; Owsianny, Pawel M.; Calasan, Anze Zerdoner; Gottschling, Marc
2019They are young, and they are many: dating freshwater lineages in unicellular dinophytesCalasan, Anze Zerdoner; Kretschmann, Juliane; Gottschling, Marc
2019Towards global distribution maps of unicellular organisms such as calcareous dinophytes based on DNA sequence informationCalasan, Anze Zerdoner; Kretschmann, Juliane; Filipowicz, Natalia H.; Irimia, Ramona-Elena; Kirsch, Monika; Gottschling, Marc
2020Zero Intercalary Plates in Parvodinium (Peridiniopsidaceae, Peridiniales) and Phylogenetics of P. elpatiewskyi, comb. nov.Kretschmann, Juliane; Calasan, Anze Zerdoner; Meyer, Barbara; Gottschling, Marc