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2012Attenuated modulation of brain activity accompanies emotion regulation deficits in alexithymiaPollatos, Olga; Gramann, Klaus
2015Cultural background shapes spatial reference frame proclivityGoeke, Caspar; Kornpetpanee, Suchada; Koester, Moritz; Fernandez-Revelles, Andres B.; Gramann, Klaus; Koenig, Peter 
2013Different strategies for spatial updating in yaw and pitch path integrationGoeke, Caspar M.; Koenig, Peter ; Gramann, Klaus
2012Electrophysiologic Evidence for Multilevel Deficits in Emotional Face Processing in Patients With Bulimia NervosaKuehnpast, Nicole; Gramann, Klaus; Pollatos, Olga
2012Familiarity with Speech Affects Cortical Processing of Auditory Distance Cues and Increases AcuityWisniewski, Matthew G.; Mercado, III, Eduardo; Gramann, Klaus; Makeig, Scott
2013On the embodiment of emotion regulation: interoceptive awareness facilitates reappraisalFüstös, Jürgen; Gramann, Klaus; Herbert, Beate M.; Pollatos, Olga