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2011Ab initio study of a mechanically gated molecule: From weak to strong correlationGreuling, A.; Rohlfing, M.; Temirov, R.; Tautz, F. S.; Anders, F. B.
2021Biaxial flexural strength of zirconia: A round robin test with 12 laboratoriesSpintzyk, Sebastian; Geis-Gerstorfer, Jürgen; Bourauel, Christoph; Keilig, Ludger; Lohbauer, Ulrich; Brune, Annike; Greuling, A.; Arnold, Christin; Rues, Stefan; Adjiski, Ranko; Sawada, Tomofumi; Lümkemann, Nina; Stawarczyk, Bogna; Ilie, Nicoleta; Frankenberger, Roland; Dudek, Marie-Christine; Strickstrock, Monika; Begand, Sabine
2011Dynamical bistability of single-molecule junctions: A combined experimental and theoretical study of PTCDA on Ag(111)Brumme, T.; Neucheva, O. A.; Toher, C.; Gutierrez, R.; Weiss, C.; Temirov, R.; Greuling, A.; Kaczmarski, M.; Rohlfing, M.; Tautz, F. S.; Cuniberti, G.
2009Effect of amorphous interface layers on crystalline thin-film x-ray diffractionWeisemoeller, T.; Bertram, F. ; Gevers, S.; Deiter, C.; Greuling, A.; Wollschlaeger, J.
2011Electrical transport through a mechanically gated molecular wireToher, C.; Temirov, R.; Greuling, A.; Pump, F.; Kaczmarski, M.; Cuniberti, G.; Rohlfing, M.; Tautz, F. S.
2009Postdeposition annealing induced transition from hexagonal Pr2O3 to cubic PrO2 films on Si(111)Weisemoeller, T.; Bertram, F. ; Gevers, S.; Greuling, A.; Deiter, C.; Tobergte, H.; Neumann, M.; Wollschlaeger, J.; Giussani, A.; Schroeder, T.
2013Spectral properties of a molecular wire in the Kondo regimeGreuling, A.; Temirov, R.; Lechtenberg, B.; Anders, F. B.; Rohlfing, M.; Tautz, F. S.