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2010Ab-initio-Untersuchungen von Oberflächen- und BulksystemenGreuling, Andreas
2010Combined NC-AFM and DFT study of the adsorption geometry of trimesic acid on rutile TiO2(110)Greuling, Andreas; Rahe, Philipp ; Kaczmarski, Marcin; Kuehnle, Angelika; Rohlfing, Michael
2010Toward Molecular Nanowires Self-Assembled on an Insulating Substrate: Heptahelicene-2-carboxylic acid on Calcite (10(1)over-bar4)Rahe, Philipp ; Nimmrich, Markus; Greuling, Andreas; Schuette, Jens; Stara, Irena G.; Rybacek, Jiri; Huerta-Angeles, Gloria; Stary, Ivo; Rohlfing, Michael; Kuehnle, Angelika