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2008Glutamate forward and reverse transport: From molecular mechanism to transporter-mediated release after ischemiaGrewer, Christof; Gameiro, Armanda; Zhang, Zhou; Tao, Zhen; Braams, Simona; Rauen, Thomas
2014SLC1 glutamate transportersGrewer, Christof; Gameiro, Armanda; Rauen, Thomas
2014Structural and functional dynamics of Excitatory Amino Acid Transporters (EAAT)Rauen, Thomas; Tanui, Rose; Grewer, Christof
2011The Discovery of Slowness: Low-Capacity Transport and Slow Anion Channel Gating by the Glutamate Transporter EAAT5Gameiro, Armanda; Braams, Simona; Rauen, Thomas; Grewer, Christof
2007Transport direction determines the kinetics of substrate transport by the glutamate transporter EAAC1Zhang, Zhou; Tao, Zhen; Gameiro, Armanda; Barcelona, Stephanie; Braams, Simona; Rauen, Thomas; Grewer, Christof