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1999A counterexample to an integer analogue of Caratheodory's theoremBruns, W ; Gubeladze, J; Henk, M; Martin, A; Weismantel, R
2003Divisorial linear algebra of normal semigroup ringsBruns, W ; Gubeladze, J
1998Examples of infinitely generated Koszul algebrasBruns, W ; Gubeladze, J
2003Higher polyhedral K-groupsBruns, W ; Gubeladze, J
1997Normal polytopes, triangulations, and Koszul algebrasBruns, W ; Gubeladze, J; Viet, N
1999Normality and covering properties of affine semigroupsBruns, W ; Gubeladze, J
2002Polyhedral K-2Bruns, W ; Gubeladze, J
1999Polytopal linear groupsBruns, W ; Gubeladze, J
2002Polytopal linear retractionsBruns, W ; Gubeladze, J
2002Problems and algorithms for affine semigroupsBruns, W ; Gubeladze, J; Trung, NV