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2015Assessment, validation and deployment strategy of a two-barcode protocol for facile genotyping of duckweed speciesBorisjuk, N.; Chu, P.; Gutierrez, R.; Zhang, H.; Acosta, K.; Friesen, N. ; Sree, K. S.; Garcia, C.; Appenroth, K. J.; Lam, E.
2011Dynamical bistability of single-molecule junctions: A combined experimental and theoretical study of PTCDA on Ag(111)Brumme, T.; Neucheva, O. A.; Toher, C.; Gutierrez, R.; Weiss, C.; Temirov, R.; Greuling, A.; Kaczmarski, M.; Rohlfing, M.; Tautz, F. S.; Cuniberti, G.