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2007ATP binding to the KTN/RCK subunit KtrA from the K+- uptake system KtrAB of Vibrio alginolyticus - Its role in the formation of the KtrAB complex and its requirement in vivoKroening, Nadine; Willenborg, Marion; Tholema, Nancy; Haenelt, Inga; Schmid, Roland; Bakker, Evert P.
2010Gain of Function Mutations in Membrane Region M-2C2 of KtrB Open a Gate Controlling K+ Transport by the KtrAB System from Vibrio alginolyticusHaenelt, Inga; Loechte, Sara; Sundermann, Lea; Elbers, Katharina; Vor der Brueggen, Marc; Bakker, Evert P.
2017Helical jackknives control the gates of the double-pore K+ uptake system KtrABDiskowski, Marina; Mehdipour, Ahmad Reza; Wunnicke, Dorith; Mills, Deryck J.; Mikusevic, Vedrana; Baerland, Natalie; Hoffmann, Jan; Morgner, Nina; Steinhoff, Heinz-Juergen ; Hummer, Gerhard; Vonck, Janet; Haenelt, Inga
2011KtrB, a member of the superfamily of K+ transportersHaenelt, Inga; Tholema, Nancy; Kroening, Nadine; Vor der Brueggen, Marc; Wunnicke, Dorith; Bakker, Evert P.
2010Membrane Region M-2C2 in Subunit KtrB of the K+ Uptake System KtrAB from Vibrio alginolyticus Forms a Flexible Gate Controlling K+ Flux AN ELECTRON PARAMAGNETIC RESONANCE STUDYHaenelt, Inga; Wunnicke, Dorith; Mueller-Trimbusch, Meike; Vor der Brueggen, Marc; Kraus, Inga; Bakker, Evert P.; Steinhoff, Heinz-Juergen