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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004A general framework for unsupervised processing of structured dataHammer, B; Micheli, A; Sperduti, A; Strickert, M
2003A note on the universal approximation capability of support vector machinesHammer, B; Gersmann, K
2002Architectural bias in recurrent neural networks - Fractal analysisTino, P; Hammer, B
2003Architectural bias in recurrent neural networks: Fractal analysisTino, P; Hammer, B
2001Closure properties of uniform convergence of empirical means and PAC learnability under a family of probability measuresVidyasagar, M; Balaji, S; Hammer, B
2001Generalization ability of folding networksHammer, B
2002Generalized relevance learning vector quantizationHammer, B; Villmann, T
2001Generalized relevance LVQ for time seriesStrickert, M; Bojer, T; Hammer, B
2005Improving iterative repair strategies for scheduling with the SVMGersmann, K; Hammer, B
2002Learning vector quantization for multimodal dataHammer, B; Strickert, M; Villmann, T
2000Learning with recurrent neural networks - IntroductionHammer, B
2003Neural maps in remote sensing image analysisVillmann, T; Merenyi, E; Hammer, B
2005New aspects in neurocomputingCottrell, M; Hammer, B; Villmann, T
2000On approximate learning by multi-layered feedforward circuitsDasGupta, B; Hammer, B
2000On the approximation capability of recurrent neural networksHammer, B
2005On the generalization ability of GRLVQ networksHammer, B; Strickert, M; Villmann, T
2001On the generalization ability of recurrent networksHammer, B
1999On the learnability of recursive dataHammer, B
2003Recurrent neural networks with small weights implement definite memory machinesHammer, B; Tino, P
2004Recursive self-organizing network modelsHammer, B; Micheli, A; Sperduti, A; Strickert, M