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2023Allergic contact dermatitis to rubber accelerators in a surgical assistant and the challenge of finding a suitable indicator undergloveObermeyer, L.; Hansen, A.; Dicke, K.; Skudlik, C. ; Brans, R. 
2021Allergic contact dermatitis to rubber accelerators in protective gloves: problems, challenges and solutions for occupational skin protectionHansen, A.; Brans, R. ; Sonsmann, F.
2020Assessment of occupational exposure and spectrum of contact sensitization in metalworkers with occupational dermatitis: results of a cohort study within the OCCUDERM projectSchubert, S.; Brans, R. ; Reich, A.; Hansen, A.; Buhl, T. ; Skudlik, C. ; Mempel, M.; Schoen, M. P. ; John, S. M. ; Geier, J.
2019Challenges for secondary individual prevention of skin disease in metal workers - Evaluation and major results of an interdisciplinary measure implemented more than 10 years agoHansen, A.; Rocholl, M.; Buse, A-S; John, S. M. ; Goergens, A.; Nashan, D.; Wilke, A.
2017Challenges in occupational dermatological Individual Prevention in Patients with a Migration BackgroundHansen, A.; Hubner, A.; Ludewig, M.; John, S. M. ; Wilke, A.
2023Chronic hand eczema in Europe: Patient experiences and perspectives (CHEPEP) in qualitative interviewsRoensch, H.; Schiffers, F.; Ofenloch, R.; Weisshaar, E.; Buse, A. S.; Hansen, A.; John, S. M. ; Arnau, A. M. Gimenez; Pesque, D.; Agner, T.; Norreslet, L. B.; Loman, L.; Romeijn, G. L. E.; Schuttellaar, M. L. A.; Bjelajac, A. Koscec; Macan, J.; Apfelbacher, C.; Bauer, A.
2020Type IV Sensitization to 1,3-Dipheny uanidine - An Underestimated Problem for Doctors and Nurses Who Wear Sterile Gloves?Hansen, A.; Buse, A-S; Wilke, A.; Skudlik, C. ; John, S. M. ; Brans, R. 
2023Which outcomes should be measured in hand eczema trials? Results from patient interviews and an expert surveyRönsch, Henriette; Schiffers, F.; Ofenloch, Robert; Weisshaar, E.; Buse, A. S.; Hansen, A.; John, S. M. ; Arnau, A. M. Giménez; Pesqué, David; Agner, Tove; Nørreslet, L. B.; Loman, Laura; Romeijn, G. L. E.; Schuttelaar, M. L. A.; Bjelajac, A. Košćec; Macan, J.; Bauer, A.; Apfelbacher, Christian