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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20023-20 MeV electrons in the inner three-dimensional heliosphere at solar maximum: Ulysses COSPIN/KET observationsHeber, B; Ferrando, P; Raviart, A; Paizis, C; Posner, A; Wibberenz, G; Muller-Mellin, R; Kunow, H; Potgieter, MS; Ferreira, SES; Burger, RA; Fichtner, H; Schlickeiser, R
2005A high energy telescope for the Solar OrbiterPosner, A; Hassler, DM; McComas, DJ; Rafkin, S; Wimmer-Schweingruber, RF; Bohm, E; Bottcher, S; Burmeister, S; Droge, W; Heber, B
2001An ICME observed by Voyager 2 at 58 AU and by Ulysses at 5 AUPaularena, KI; Wang, C; von Steiger, R; Heber, B
2003Charge-sign dependent modulation in the heliosphere over a 22-year cycleFerreira, SES; Potgieter, MS; Heber, B; Fichtner, H
2001Coherence of charged particle oscillations in the heliosphere (f approximate to 5 mu Hz): Implications for a solar modulation sourceThomson, DJ; Lanzerotti, LJ; Maclennan, CG; Heber, B; Kunow, H; Gold, RE
2002Cosmic electron gradients in the inner heliosphereClem, J; Evenson, P; Heber, B
2001Cosmic ray modulation over the poles at solar maximum: ObservationsHeber, B; Marsden, RG
2003Delay in solar energetic particle onsets at high heliographic latitudesDalla, S; Balogh, A; Krucker, S; Posner, A; Muller-Mellin, R; Anglin, JD; Hofer, MY; Marsden, RG; Sanderson, TR; Heber, B; Zhang, M; McKibben, RB
2005Energetic particle observations from the Ulysses COSPIN instruments obtained during the October-November 2003 eventsMcKibben, RB; Anglin, JD; Connell, JJ; Dalla, S; Heber, B; Kunow, H; Lopate, C; Marsden, RG; Sanderson, TR; Zhang, M
2005Energetic particles in the heliosphereHeber, B
2003Evolution of the galactic cosmic ray electron to proton ratio: Ulysses COSPIN/KET observationsHeber, B; Clem, JM; Muller-Mellin, R; Kunow, H; Ferreira, SES; Potgieter, MS
2003First results of a new 3-D model of the time-dependent modulation of electrons in the heliosphereKissmann, R; Fichtner, H; Heber, B; Ferreira, SES; Potgieter, MS
2003Latitudinal and radial variation of > 2 GeV/n protons and alpha-particles at solar maximum: ULYSSES COSPIN/KET and neutron monitor network observationsBelov, AV; Eroshenko, EA; Heber, B; Yanke, VG; Raviart, A; Muller-Mellin, R; Kunow, H
2003Latitudinal and radial variations in protons and alpha-particles with energies more than 2 GeV/n at the solar maximum: Data from the Ulysses space mission and neutron monitor networkBelov, AV; Eroshenko, EA; Mueller-Mellin, R; Kunow, H; Heber, B; Yanke, VG
2004Latitudinal transport effects on the modulation of a few-MeV cosmic ray electrons from solar minimum to solar maximumFerreira, SES; Potgieter, MS; Heber, B; Fichtner, H; Wibberenz, G
2004Long-term modulation of cosmic rays in the heliosphere and its influence at earthScherer, K; Fahr, HJ; Fichtner, H; Heber, B
2005Modelling cosmic ray intensities along the Ulysses trajectoryNdiitwani, DC; Ferreira, SES; Potgieter, MS; Heber, B
2001Modulation of galactic and anomalous cosmic rays in the inner heliosphereHeber, B
2001Modulation of Jovian and galactic electrons in the heliosphere 1. Latitudinal transport of a few MeV electronsFerreira, SES; Potgieter, MS; Burger, RA; Heber, B; Fichtner, H
2001Modulation of Jovian and galactic electrons in the heliosphere 2. Radial transport of a few MeV electronsFerreira, SES; Potgieter, MS; Burger, RA; Heber, B; Fichtner, H; Lopate, C