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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003A low-energy ion scattering study of Al(110) surface meltingPedemonte, L; Bracco, G; Beikler, R; Taglauer, E; Robin, A; Heiland, W
1998A round robin experiment of elemental sensitivity factors in low-energy ion scatteringBrongersma, HH; Carrere-Fontaine, H; Cortenraad, R; van der Gon, AWD; Scanlon, PJ; Spolveri, I; Cortigiani, B; Bardi, U; Taglauer, E; Reiter, S; Labich, S; Bertrand, P; Houssiau, L; Speller, S; Parascandola, S; Unlu-Lachnitt, H; Heiland, W
2000Adsorbate-induced reconstruction and overlayer structures of sulfur on Ir(110): An STM studyKuntze, J; Speller, S; Heiland, W
2002Adsorption of oxygen on Pt3Sn studied by scanning tunneling microscopy and x-ray photoelectron diffractionHoheisel, M; Speller, S; Heiland, W; Atrei, A; Bardi, U; Rovida, G
1996An STM, AES and LEED study of the segregated sulfur on Pd(111)Bomermann, J; Huck, M; Kuntze, J; Rauch, T; Speller, S; Heiland, W
1996Analysis of reverse current-voltage characteristics of Ti/6H-SiC Schottky diodesSchroder, C; Heiland, W; Held, R; Loose, W
2003Azimuthal effects in grazing surface scatteringRobin, A; Jensen, J; Heiland, W
2001Channeling effects observed in energy-loss spectra of nitrogen ions scattered off a Pt(110) surfaceRobin, A; Heiland, W; Jensen, J; Juaristi, JI; Arnau, A
2005Channeling regimes in ion surface scatteringRobin, A; Heiland, W
1996Charge exchange processes, rotational and vibrational excitations of fast molecules at surfaces.Heiland, W; Schlatholter, T; Franke, H; Bruning, K; Vicanek, M
1996Charge exchange processes; Rotational and vibrational excitations of fast molecules at surfacesHeiland, W; Schlatholter, T; Franke, H; Bruning, K; Vicanek, M
1998Dissociation of fast N-2 molecules at a Pd(110) surfaceBruning, K; Granow, J; Reiniger, M; Heiland, W; Vicanek, M; Schlatholter, T
2000Dissociation of fast N-2 molecules scattered from different fcc(110) surfacesBruning, K; Heiland, W; Schlatholter, T; Wojciechowski, IA; Medvedeva, MB; Ferleger, VK
2000Dissociation of fast N<sub>2</sub> molecules scattered from different fcc(110) surfacesBrüning, K; Heiland, W; Schlathölter, T; Wojciechowski, IA; Medvedeva, MB; Ferleger, VK
2002Dissociative grazing scattering of H-2(+) ions from metal surfacesWojciechowski, I; Medvedeva, M; Garrison, BJ; Ferleger, VK; Heiland, W
2000Dissociative grazing scattering of H-2(+) on metal surfaces: Analysis of the high-energy parts of the spectra of the scattered molecule constituentsWojciechowski, IA; Medvedeva, MV; Ferleger, VK; Bruning, K; Heiland, W
1998Electronic processes in molecule-surface scatteringWojciechowski, IA; Ferleger, VK; Medvedeva, MV; Vicanek, M; Bruning, K; Heiland, W
2005Electronic stopping of keV nitrogen ions interacting with a Pt(110) (1 x 2) surface - a tool to characterize electronic surfacesRobin, A; Postnikov, AV; Heiland, W
2003Energy loss and charge state dependency of swift Nq+ ions scattered off a Pt(110)(1 x 2) surfaceRobin, A; Hatke, N; Jensen, J; Plachke, D; Carstanjen, HD; Heiland, W
1997Energy loss and charge state distribution of reflected ions in N-6,N-7+ ion-Al(110) surface collisionsKhemliche, H; Limburg, J; Hoekstra, R; Morgenstern, R; Hatke, N; Luderer, E; Heiland, W