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2014Crystallographic order and decomposition of [Mn-III Cr-6(III)](3+) single-molecule magnets deposited in submonolayers and monolayers on HOPG studied by means of molecular resolved atomic force microscopy (AFM) and Kelvin probe force microscopy in UHVGryzia, Aaron; Volkmann, Timm; Brechling, Armin; Hoeke, Veronika; Schneider, Lilli; Kuepper, Karsten ; Glaser, Thorsten; Heinzmann, Ulrich
2011Formation of Heterodimeric Resorcin[4]arene Capsules on Surfaces: An X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy InvestigationMichelswirth, Martin; Raekers, Michael; Schnatwinkel, Bjoern; Brodbeck, Ralf; Mattay, Jochen; Neumann, Manfred; Heinzmann, Ulrich
2016Heptanuclear [Fe(III)6Cr(III)](3+) Complexes Experimentally Studied by Means of Magnetometry, X-ray Diffraction, XAS, XMCD and Spin-Polarized Electron Spectroscopy in Cross-Comparison with [(MnCrIII)-Cr-iii](3=) Single-Molecule MagnetsDohmeier, Niklas; Helmstedt, Andreas; Mueller, Norbert; Gryzia, Aaron; Brechling, Armin; Heinzmann, Ulrich; Heidemeier, Maik; Krickemeier, Erich; Stammler, Anja; Boegge, Hartmut; Glaser, Thorsten; Joly, Loic; Kuepper, Karsten 
2010Photocycloaddition of Anthracene-Functionalized Monolayers on Silicon(100) SurfaceMichelswirth, Martin; Raekers, Michael; Schaefer, Christian; Mattay, Jochen; Neumann, Manfred; Heinzmann, Ulrich
2011Preparation of monolayers of [Mn-III Cr-6(III)](3+) single-molecule magnets on HOPG, mica and silicon surfaces and characterization by means of non-contact AFMGryzia, Aaron; Predatsch, Hans; Brechling, Armin; Hoeke, Veronika; Krickemeyer, Erich; Derks, Christine; Neumann, Manfred; Glaser, Thorsten; Heinzmann, Ulrich
2011Spin resolved photoelectron spectroscopy of [(Mn6CrIII)-Cr-III](3+) single-molecule magnets and of manganese compounds as reference layersHelmstedt, Andreas; Mueller, Norbert; Gryzia, Aaron; Dohmeier, Niklas; Brechling, Armin; Sacher, Marc D.; Heinzmann, Ulrich; Hoeke, Veronika; Krickemeyer, Erich; Glaser, Thorsten; Bouvron, Samuel; Fonin, Mikhail; Neumann, Manfred