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2007Die Entscheidung für oder gegen Interventionen in der GeburtshilfeHellmers, Claudia; Schücking, B. 
2005Die Sectio caesarea als Geburtsmodus der Wahl bei ErstgebärendenHellmers, Claudia; Schücking, B. 
2020Early caregiving experiences and the impact on transition into adulthood and further life: a literature review.Roling, Maren; Falkson, Sandra; Hellmers, Claudia; Metzing, Sabine
2005Geburtsmodus und Wohlbefinden : eine prospektive Untersuchung an Erstgebärenden unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des (Wunsch-) KaiserschnittesHellmers, Claudia
2012Maternal near-miss among women with a migrant background in GermanyReime, Birgit; Janssen, Patricia A.; Farris, Lily; Borde, Theda; Hellmers, Claudia; Myezwa, Hellen; Wenzlaff, Paul
2018Mothers' and fathers' sense of security in the context of pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal period: an integrative literature review.Werner-Bierwisch, Therese; Pinkert, Christiane; Niessen, Karin; Metzing, Sabine; Hellmers, Claudia
2008Primiparae's well-being before and after birth and relationship with preferred and actual mode of birth in Germany and the USAHellmers, Claudia; Schuecking, Beate 
2005Sectio oder Spontangeburt? Was wünschen Erstgebärende in Deutschland und USASchücking, B. ; Hellmers, Claudia; Sanderson, Anna; Barger, Mary K.; Declercq, Eugene
2005Sectio – Eine gesunde Entscheidung?Schücking, B. ; Hellmers, Claudia; Schwarz, Christina
2017The Perspective of Families With a Ventilator-Dependent Child at Home. A Literature ReviewFalkson, Sandra; Knecht, Christiane; Hellmers, Claudia; Metzing, Sabine
2015The perspective of siblings of children with chronic illness: a literature review.Knecht, Christiane; Hellmers, Claudia; Metzing, Sabine
2014Vaginal Birth After Cesarean in German Out‐of‐Hospital Settings: Maternal and Neonatal Outcomes of Women With Their Second ChildBeckmann, Lea; Barger, Mary K.; Dorin, Lena; Metzing, Sabine; Hellmers, Claudia