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2016A fuzzy logic based method for modeling the spatial distribution of indicators of decomposition in a high mountain environmentHellwig, Niels; Anschlag, Kerstin; Broll, Gabriele 
2020Chlorophyll a relationships with nutrients and temperature, and predictions for lakes across perialpine and Balkan mountain regionsKaercher, Oskar; Filstrup, Christopher T.; Brauns, Mario; Tasevska, Orhideja; Patceva, Suzana; Hellwig, Niels; Walz, Ariane; Frank, Karin ; Markovic, Danijela
2019Climatic and socioeconomic effects on land cover changes across Europe: Does protected area designation matter?Hellwig, Niels; Walz, Ariane; Markovic, Danijela
2021Evaluating CAP wildflower strips: High‐quality seed mixtures significantly improve plant diversity and related pollen and nectar resourcesSchmidt, Annika; Kirmer, Anita; Hellwig, Niels; Kiehl, Kathrin; Tischew, Sabine
2018Humus Forms and Soil Microbiological Parameters in a Mountain Forest: Upscaling to the Slope ScaleHellwig, Niels; Gomez-Brandon, Maria; Ascher-Jenull, Judith; Bardelli, Tommaso; Anschlag, Kerstin; Fornasier, Flavio; Pietramellara, Giacomo; Insam, Heribert; Broll, Gabriele 
2019Modeling Spatial Patterns of Humus Forms in Montane and Subalpine Forests: Implications of Local Variability for UpscalingHellwig, Niels; Tatti, Dylan; Sartori, Giacomo; Anschlag, Kerstin; Graefe, Ulfert; Egli, Markus; Gobat, Jean-Michel; Broll, Gabriele 
2018Spatial patterns of humus forms, soil organisms and soil biological activity at high mountain forest sites in the Italian AlpsHellwig, Niels
2017Upscaling the spatial distribution of enchytraeids and humus forms in a high mountain environment on the basis of GIS and fuzzy logicHellwig, Niels; Graefe, Ulfert; Tatti, Dylan; Sartori, Giacomo; Anschlag, Kerstin; Beylich, Anneke; Gobat, Jean-Michel; Broll, Gabriele 
2017Vegetation-based bioindication of humus forms in coniferous mountain forestsAnschlag, Kerstin; Tatti, Dylan; Hellwig, Niels; Sartori, Giacomo; Gobat, Jean-Michel; Broll, Gabriele