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2008Identification of major sources of uncertainty in current IWRM practice. Illustrated for the Rhine basinvan der Keur, P.; Henriksen, H. J.; Refsgaard, J. C.; Brugnach, M.; Pahl-Wostl, C. ; Dewulf, A.; Buiteveld, H.
2010Identifying Uncertainty Guidelines for Supporting Policy Making in Water Management Illustrated for Upper Guadiana and Rhine Basinsvan der Keur, Peter; Brugnach, M.; Dewulf, A.; Refsgaard, J. C.; Zorilla, P.; Poolman, M.; Isendahl, N.; Raadgever, G. T.; Henriksen, H. J.; Warmink, J. J.; Lamers, M.; Mysiak, J.
2011More is not always better Coping with ambiguity in natural resources managementBrugnach, M.; Dewulf, A.; Henriksen, H. J.; van der Keur, P.