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2002All-optical signal routing using interaction of mutually incoherent spatial solitonsKip, D; Herden, C; Wesner, M
2001Electrical fixing of waveguide channels in strontium-barium niobate crystalsWesner, M; Herden, C; Kip, D
1999Interaction of spatial photorefractive solitons in a planar waveguideKip, D; Wesner, M; Herden, C; Shandarov, V
2001Photorefractive steady state solitons up to telecommunication wavelengths in planar SBN waveguidesWesner, M; Herden, C; Kip, D; Kratzig, E; Moretti, P
2001Temporal development of photorefractive solitons up to telecommunication wavelengths in strontium-barium niobate waveguidesWesner, M; Herden, C; Pankrath, R; Kip, D; Moretti, P