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2012Measuring social competencies in the teaching profession – development of a self-assessment procedureKanning, Uwe Peter; Böttcher, Wolfgang; Herrmann, Christoph
2013Mirror neuron activity and empathy in schizophrenia: an EEG-studyNiehaus, Vivien; Hassler, Uwe; Herrmann, Christoph; Huster, René J.; Zimmermann, Jörg; Gruber, Thomas ; Wiedl, Karl H.
2010Site-specific pK(a) determination of the carboxylate-binding subunit in artificial peptide receptorsNiebling, Stephan; Srivastava, Sunil K.; Herrmann, Christoph; Wich, Peter R.; Schmuck, Carsten; Schluecker, Sebastian
2011Synthesis of Bifunctional Au/Pt/Au Core/Shell Nanoraspberries for in Situ SERS Monitoring of Platinum-Catalyzed ReactionsXie, Wei; Herrmann, Christoph; Koempe, Karsten; Haase, Markus ; Schluecker, Sebastian