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2005Experimental demonstration of chaos in a microbial food webBecks, L; Hilker, FM; Malchow, H ; Jurgens, K; Arndt, H
2004Noise and productivity dependence of spatiotemporal pattern formation in a prey-predator systemMalchow, H ; Hilker, FM; Petrovskii, SV
2005Pathogens can slow down or reverse invasion fronts of their hostsHilker, FM; Lewis, MA; Seno, H; Langlais, M; Malchow, H 
2005Patterns of patchy spread in deterministic and stochastic models of biological invasion and biological controlPetrovskii, SV; Malchow, H ; Hilker, FM; Venturino, E
2005Spatiotemporal patterns in an excitable plankton system with lysogenic viral infectionMalchow, H ; Hilker, FM; Sarkar, RR; Brauer, K