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2002Charge localization in collision-induced multiple ionization of van der Waals clusters with highly charged ionsTappe, W; Flesch, R; Ruhl, E; Hoekstra, R; Schlatholter, T
1997Circularly polarized photon emission spectroscopy of keV ions scattering off (un-)magnetized surfacesHoekstra, R; Manske, J; Dirska, M; Lubinski, G; Schleberger, M; Narmann, A
1999Electronic versus vibrational excitation in Heq+ collisions with fullerenesSchlatholter, T; Hadjar, O; Manske, J; Hoekstra, R; Morgenstern, R
1997Energy loss and charge state distribution of reflected ions in N-6,N-7+ ion-Al(110) surface collisionsKhemliche, H; Limburg, J; Hoekstra, R; Morgenstern, R; Hatke, N; Luderer, E; Heiland, W
1996Energy loss of highly charged ions on an aluminum surfaceHatke, N; Hoffknecht, A; Hustedt, S; Limburg, J; Hughes, IG; Hoekstra, R; Heiland, W; Morgenstern, R
1998Energy loss of keV He2+ scattered off an Al(110) surfaceLimburg, J; Bos, C; Schlatholter, T; Hoekstra, R; Morgenstern, R; Hausmann, S; Heiland, W; Narmann, A
1998Spin-sensitive electron capture into excited states as a probe to investigate magnetic surfacesNarmann, A; Dirska, M; Manske, J; Lubinski, G; Schleberger, M; Hoekstra, R
2000Sputtering of hollow atoms from carbon surfacesSchlatholter, T; Narmann, A; Robin, A; Winters, DFA; Marini, S; Morgenstern, R; Hoekstra, R
1997Surface magnetism investigated by low energy ion scattering in the grazing incidence modeNarmann, A; Schleberger, M; Dirska, M; Manske, J; Lubinski, G; Hoekstra, R
1997Surface magnetism studied by polarized light emission after He+ scatteringManske, J; Dirska, M; Lubinski, G; Schleberger, M; Narmann, A; Hoekstra, R