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2011An agent-based model of groundwater over-exploitation in the Upper Guadiana, SpainHoltz, Georg; Pahl-Wostl, Claudia 
2010Analyzing complex water governance regimes: the Management and Transition FrameworkPahl-Wostl, Claudia ; Holtz, Georg; Kastens, Britta; Knieper, Christian 
2010Modelling system innovations in coupled human-technology-environment systemsHoltz, Georg
2011Modelling transitions: An appraisal of experiences and suggestions for researchHoltz, Georg
2020Participatory modeling for transition governance: Linking methods to process phasesHalbe, Johannes ; Holtz, Georg; Ruutu, Sampsa
2015Prospects of modelling societal transitions: Position paper of an emerging communityHoltz, Georg; Alkemade, Floortje; de Haan, Fjalar; Kohler, Jonathan; Trutnevyte, Evelina; Luthe, Tobias; Halbe, Johannes ; Papachristos, George; Chappin, Emile; Kwakkel, Jan; Ruutu, Sampsa
2008Specifying ``regime'' - A framework for defining and describing regimes in transition researchHoltz, Georg; Brugnach, Marcela; Pahl-Wostl, Claudia 
2008The NeWater Management and Transition Framework — state and development process —Pahl-Wostl, Claudia ; Möltgen, Jörn; Ebenhoeh, Eva; Holtz, Georg
2012The PSM approach to transitions: Bridging the gap between abstract frameworks and tangible entitiesHoltz, Georg